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#Weekly_Canteen Menu for February 26

Hello friends! Are you ready to for the last #Weekly_Canteen this quarter? Thought to do something special and make a menu that caters for everyone’s dietary preferences for this temporary last service. Menu for February 26 is here! Menu can be downloaded here: Menu February 26. This week for treats we will feature our signature […]

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#NoPork Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai Soup Dumplings)

I’m loving my days in the kitchen so much recently. Ever since I started doing the #Weekly_Canteen | #Cook_for_friends gig, I began exploring and revisiting some recipes and ideas that was long forgotten. Last week alone I tried a total of 15 recipes, among them a few I even did several times, as I wanted […]

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Lentils with broiled eggplant

I just renewed my apartment contract again for 2015 and decided that since I’m not terribly busy anymore with work things, I should – for once and for all – take a close look to the many, many things which have taken space-hogging residence in my apartment. Somehow after 8 years in this apartment, my things have […]

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