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Panda Cookies

Oh yay, Eid Al-Fitr is just around the corner. For celebrating it this year, I decided to embrace the Indonesian culinary tradition in its entirety. “So, how do Indonesians celebrate Eid Al-Fitr from culinary perspective exactly?” I hear you ask. Well, for “Lebaran” (that’s what we call Eid Al-Fitr) where we came from typically we have a […]

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So this week’s MyOrangePot’s HQ kitchen is all about cookies. Cookies and more cookies. I’ve spoken about this one very brave mouse in a post earlier in the year, so I won’t go on about it anymore. But simply put, I pledged 20 batches of cookies and 1 tray of brownies and 1 tray of Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake for Sarah’s big […]

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