Asparagus + Shrimp + Mushroom + Green Peas Soup


A few days ago, during yet another glorious weekend in Nagareyama (home of Kaz+Kelly+Baby Quinn), Kelly asked what we should be doing on the Sunday, since we didn’t exactly have any grand plans in place. Without thinking very much about it I blurted, “Well, how about going to Costco?”

The Mouse, who was also there, looked at me perplexed, “You want to go to Costco on a Sunday… Tell me, Mother Mouse, do you have a death wish?”

“No, I just really want to get some blueberries. It costs an arm and a leg to buy it down town in Tokyo. But you’re right, probably not worth a stampede.”

That was the end of my Costco idea… or so I thought.

Mousey eggs

Rather early the following morning, I heard Kelly came into the bedroom holding a cooing Baby Quinn I jolted up and Kelly said, “Do you still want to go to Costco? If you do then get ready, we’ll leave in 30 minutes, so we get there when the doors open.”

“How about The Mouse, should we wake her?”

“Let’s let her rest. Didn’t you guys have a Skype party or something this morning at some ridiculous hour of 5 am?”

“Noted. OK, let’s go then. I’ll get ready now!”

Frozen peas, put in pot immediately before adding the eggs

Frozen peas, put in pot immediately before adding the eggs


For those who don’t live here in Japan, I should reiterate just how expensive blueberries are in Tokyo. One tiny tub (approx. 1 cup of blueberries) on a good day costs 398 yen (that’s about US$5 for the American readers, or about 50,000 Rupiah for the Indonesian readers). At Costco you can get at least 6 times the amount for the agreeable price of 1,000 yen (US$12.5 or 125,000 Rupiah). This matter, because blueberry is one of my favorite fruit and I like to eat them by the handful. So I make it a point to ALWAYS go to Costco if anyone offers to take me there, at least to get some blueberries. They seem to always magically have it all year long!

To make long story short – we made it to Costco. Along the two big tubs of blueberries (they freeze well, awesome for future muffin making agenda), I found a large collection of delicious Spring fruits and vegetables. Ah… I love Costco. The only issue is the fact that they all come in big bulks. So I need to act fast and cook them!

Today’s post will be a celebration of asparagus. I made two dishes and will split the entry into two posts.

Asparagus soup


Asparagus + Shrimp + Mushroom + Green Peas Soup

Inspiration: Mbak Astri Nugraha


2 liter chicken soup stock

3-4 cloves of garlic, crushed

350 grams asparagus, cut into 2 – 2.5 cm sticks, blanch

250 grams raw prawn, deveined and cut in halves (see picture)

150 grams shimeji mushroom (can also use enokidake mushroom), separate

condiments: 2 tsp salt, 1.5 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp white pepper, 1/2 tsp black pepper

2 eggs, whisk lightly

3 Tbsp corn starch (or any starch), dilute in 1/2 cup water

sriracha/chili sauce for accompaniment


1. In a soup pot bring the stock to a boil

2. Add garlic and stir well

3. Add asparagus, prawn, shimeji and condiments, bring the concoction into a boil again

4. Add peas and mix, then quickly add eggs while stirring the soup content with a ladle

5. Add the diluted starch

6. Bring to a boil and remove from heat

7. Serve with chili or sriracha sauce

*Serves 4-6


Categories: Le Creuset Project, Recipes, Seafood, Spring, Starters, Vegetables

Author:Tari Martosudirjo Keitt

2 Comments on “Asparagus + Shrimp + Mushroom + Green Peas Soup”

  1. May 8, 2013 at 4:18 am #

    Peas and asparagus are two of my favorite veggies!! I am thinking that a vegetarian version of this would be fantastic!

    • May 8, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

      I think if you just simply omit the prawns, voila, you got yourself the vegetarian version. The chicken soup stock is interchangeable with vegetable/konbu/mushroom stock. Please let me know how it goes!

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